Cleaning Tips to Turn Stress Cleaning into Power Cleaning!

Tips to Power Clean in a Safe Green Way Without Harsh Chemicals and still kill germs
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Tips to Power Clean in a Safe Green Way Without Harsh Chemicals


A Surprising Way to Feel Better: Go Squeaky Clean!

Friends, we are an anxious generation. Anxiety lurks in every corner. We stress about small things: homework completion, our step count on our Fitbit, the calorie count of a Starbucks beverage.

We stress about family things: raising kids in a high-tech world, the failing memory of a once-invincible parent, what our marriages will be like when the kids move out.

We stress about ginormous things: global warming, terrorism, the government. Under this constant barrage of agitation, we are all in search of ways to calm ourselves.

In my own quest for sanity, I’ve explored a plethora of options. In my home, I’ve diffused essential oils to create a soothing environment. On the desk in my classroom, a bottle of Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Basil aromatherapy lotion welcomes my students and me each day.

I’ve indulged in stress eating – usually potato chips dipped in a tub of cream cheese.
I’ve stress imbibed – chopping up lots and lots of fruit to masquerade a pitcher of stress-sangria into a super-healthy Vitamin-C-laden beverage.
I’ve stress exercised – signing up for a yoga class (although I had to drop the class when I couldn’t stop laughing at our instructor’s earnest call for us to “relax your pelvic bowl”).
I’ve stress shopped – just count the number of packages that arrive from Amazon to gauge my level of anxiety.
In the days before kids and carpools, I used to stress sleep – napping alongside my cats whenever life felt a little overwhelming. Most often, I’ve stress retreated- turning my phone off, shutting my bedroom door, and curling up with a lovely novel and traveling to another land.

However, the most surprising and satisfying way that I have dealt with stress is through — wait for it — stress cleaning.

To be clear, I am not a clean person (just ask my husband). But, stress cleaning ROCKS. Why? For the most part, we worry about what we cannot control. And that’s why cleaning is actually an amazing way to alleviate stress in your life. You CAN control your space.

Your desk is cluttered with papers. You clean them up. You are in control.

There is a pile of dirty laundry. You wash it. It’s clean and fresh. You are amazing.

Germs abide. You destroy them. You are all-powerful. Well done.


Quick Tips for Stress Cleaning 99.99% of Germs and Viruses While Keeping Your House Safe For Your Kids and Pets!


Put on a playlist that puts you in a good mood.  These days, I blast the cast recording of the Broadway musical “Hamilton”.

Grab your Aquavert. You are probably not surprised to know that I am someone who stresses about the environment, and particularly how my choices as a consumer impact my family’s health as well as the world at large. Eliminate this stress by purchasing and using green cleaners that are safe for your children and pets. My friend Jen turned me onto a line of products by Aquavert. With a bottle in hand, I can be confident that all of the stress-cleaning that I am doing is free of toxic chemicals, ammonia, and bleach. Unlike some green products that I’ve tried, Aquavert works really well. It doesn’t leave a filmy residue, it cleans, and it smells like my house is clean. My anxiety levels continue to decrease knowing that my cleaning is beneficial and not harmful to my daughters, my kitties, and my world.

Clean your kitchen counters. Get rid of the junk stored on them. Clutter causes mental discomfort. Once they are cleared, spray them down. Enjoy the fresh but not overpowering Aquavert smell. Your blood pressure decreases. Life is good.

Head to a bathroom. Choose a few key areas to tackle. Start with the easy: spray the doorknob, the light switch, and the handles on the sink and the toilet, and the toilet seat. Think of all the germs you’ve eliminated in your home. In fact, 99.9% of them if you’ve got your trusty Aquavert. Still feeling the need to clean? Tackle the bathroom floor. Not only will you be creating a clean environment, but all of that movement will give you the added benefit of exercise.

Mentally check in with yourself. Don’t become so overwhelmed with cleaning tasks that you defeat the purpose of stress cleaning in the first place. Thirty minutes of cleaning usually does the trick for me. If you still feel energized to do battle, grab a bag and choose seven items to donate. Less clutter = less stress.

Tips to Power Clean in a Safe Green Way Without Harsh Chemicals


I’ve convinced my family that stress cleaning really works. I regale them with stories of how I would painstakingly organize my college closet during the height of exam week.

Sure, my time might have been better spent studying, but when you are overly stressed, sometimes you have to step away from its cause. And why not do something productive instead?

When my girls are overwhelmed, we set a timer for fifteen minutes for them to cleaning their bedrooms, organize the Lego table, or purge their closets.

My husband is even on board. He stress cleans (or obsessively cleans?) his favorite child I mean, his car. In a stroke of good luck, I just noticed that Aquavert has a new product made especially for his needs.. All I had to do was read him the pitch from the website:

Aquavert Car Interior is specifically formulated to gently clean car interiors from carpet and upholstery, to vinyl and leather. The dirtiest spots in a car’s interior are the locations you touch, meaning the steering wheel, seat belt, the shifting knob, the seat belts and the driver’s side door panel. Aquavert Car Interior Cleaner’s fast acting formula cleans all of these areas, along with a variety of stains including: coffee, juice, tea, cola, milk, oil, and grease.”

We both laughed (another way to de-stress!) about the absurdity of stain removal in his car as the only dad-approved-beverage is his ridiculously-clean Mustang is water.

I do know that the fact that the cleaner is water-based and made with 100% natural ingredients is a huge sell for him. (My car, on the other hand, definitely would benefit from Aquavert’s stain removal properties as my car serves as a mobile dining room at least twice a week. Maybe I should put a bottle in my car and start stress-cleaning it while I’m waiting [and waiting…]for my kids’ practices to end…)


In a world of worry, I do hold in my heart the spiritual advice – “Be anxious about nothing,” but I still seek productive ways to help my anxiety dissipate. Give stress-cleaning a try. I promise that by making your space (your counters, your desk, your car) bright and beautiful, you can find some relief during these troubled times.

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